On 20 May 2016, the video appeared above, purportedly catching “rain falling in one place” in Togo was presented on YouTube. In any case, what was delineated in the video did not happen “early today” (i.e., 20 May 2016), nor did it occur in Togo. The video has been flowing on the web since at any rate June 2015, when it was shared under the title “Wellsprings of water, water wellsprings of well burrowing.” While that rendition of the video did exclude specify of an area, different postings of it have set the episode in Indonesia, China, and Vietnam.

This video additionally doesn’t indicate “rain falling in one place.” truth be told, it doesn’t demonstrate rain by any means. The water in the video is coming up starting from the earliest stage (down from the sky), either from a characteristic fountain or a burst pipe.

The water spurt showed in this video shows up as though it were originating from the sky generally in light of the fact that its pinnacle is covered up by tree limbs or is just out of casing. At the point when the pinnacle is in view, the shade of the water and the sky are excessively comparable, making it impossible to effectively recognize one from the other. In any case, a cautious examination of this footage demonstrates that the water obviously starts from the beginning not the sky.

The principal hint is that a focal water segment can be intermittently seen all through the video. The water is ejecting from a gap in the ground and after that falling back to the ground: