Here are the 10 things you have to think about the new 2,000-rupee notes,

The new notes will be of the size 66mm X 166mm, littler than the old notes, and will be accessible in a red base shading.

The denominational numeral 2,000 will be composed in the Devnagari script and, in miniaturized scale letters, RBI and 2,000 on the left half of the banknote.

The new note will include a transparent enlist with denominational numeral 2,000, which will be unmistakable when the cash is held against light.

The new group will see the picture of Mahatma Gandhi at the inside.

To observe India’s Mars mission, the notes will convey a picture of the Mangalyaan, portraying the nation’s first wander into interplanetary space, and the logo and slogan of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The turn around side elements a theme of the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM).

There will be a windowed security string with the engravings “Bharat” (in Devnagari), RBI and 2,000 on banknotes with shading shift. The shade of the string changes from green to blue when the note is tilted.

The certification provision, senator’s mark with guarantee condition and RBI insignia have been moved to one side in the new notes, with the representation and electrotype watermarks seeming acceptable by them.

There will be an ashoka column seal to one side of the Mahatma Gandhi picture and electrotype (2000) watermarks. It will likewise have seven drain lines and a rectangle as a recognizing shape; according to the RBI rules, these are the distinguishing proof and striking elements for the outwardly disabled.

As per sources, the security components of the Rs 2,000 note incorporate dormant pictures, shaded strip security strings and watermarks. The RBI prevented the bits of gossip from claiming the notes being inserted with a nano GPS chip, which would have found the position of the money by means of a satellite.

There will likewise be a dormant picture with the group numeral that would be noticeable when the note is held at a 45-degree point at eye level.